Every brand has a why.  This is mine.

Calling all beauty enthusiasts,

what do you expect when investing in beauty products? Ingredient excellence? Innovative and high-performing formulas? Aesthetic packaging? All the above?! Oooh yes. But, don't let your expectations end here. Beauty extends beyond the upkeep of our appearance, personal well-being, and self-care routines. Being aware of our environment and how our choices affect one another is the true essence of beauty. So, add cruelty-free and sustainable solutions to the equation and then draw the bottom line:  that  is luxury beauty. 

At this very moment, the high-end beauty space offers a plethora of options. Too many products promise a performance they don’t have, and cruelty-free and sustainable is an option, not standard. The result? You find yourself on the search for that one product that ticks all the boxes, or you do extensive research on a product that caught your attention – who has time for that? And then a lot of times it goes like: ‘Oops this brand tests on animals’, or ‘Oouch this product leaves a nightmare finish’, and 'Wait, what? The holy grail ingredient in this one is at the bottom of the ingredients list?!’ (We all know what that means.) So what’s the high price tag about? It’s maddening!

Yes, we as consumers today are much more advanced and savvy when it comes to what makes a product worth the investment, I don’t have to tell you that. The sentiment is: why on earth do we have to compromise? Why do we have to do all this research every time we want to switch our self-care routines? Why can we not have true luxury performance AND a conscious core as a standard? 

Guess what? We can. 

Herewith I invite you to change the high-end beauty industry and redefine luxury beauty. How? Unsee a beauty choice that does not cover it all, and voila: you just disrupted the entire industry. Don’t settle for less. It’s not a myth – brands that cover it all do exist. And they are out there. And they are soo good. We are talking about the finest world beauty brands – and as you may have figured already: I call them qey.


So, why Qey Beauty?


Qey Beauty, because you should not have to do research to make sure a product ticks all the boxes. You, you should be able to shop and know that any brand and any product you are looking at is qey (clean, luxe, high-performing, cruelty-free, sustainable). So what about a beauty destination that does just that? What about a beauty destination that inspires you and educates you. A beauty destination that selects.

I am here for it. You just enjoy the ride.


With love and gratitude, 


The qey dossier