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Contour Sleep Mask - Lovely Lashes

Contour Sleep Mask - Lovely Lashes

Size Standard | Color Black

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A luxurious sleep mask made of Slipsilk™, a favorite of beauty insiders.

What could be better than sleeping on a Slipsilk™ pillowcase? Wearing a luxurious Slipsilk™ sleep mask at the same time (so your beauty sleep remains completely uninterrupted). The Sleep Mask blocks out light as sleeping in total darkness is thought to enhance the quality of your sleep.

As well as epitomizing luxury, this sumptuous silk eye mask will ensure that your beauty sleep remains completely uninterrupted. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk – developed and refined over 10 years for ultimate quality – in a sublime spectrum of colors, this luxurious mask is perfect for taking on your travels and reducing lines caused by frowning in your sleep.

Use to shield and protect your eyes at night… or when napping.

Care Instructions: The better you care for your Slipsilk™ sleep mask, the better it will care for you. Hand wash with cold water only and use pH neutral liquid detergent.

Outer 100% Slipsilk™ (exclusive of elastic and piping).

Filler 100% PU foam (exclusive of silk liner).