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Pure Silk Pillowcase - Queen

Pure Silk Pillowcase - Queen

Size Standard | Color Black

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A pillowcase made of Slipsilk™, ideal for skin and hair, a favorite of beauty insiders.

A pillowcase made from 100% pure mulberry silk, which is a breathable, natural temperature regulator. Gentle on skin and hair, this clever material helps to age-defy while reducing sleep-induced facial creases and stopping strands from being twisted and damaged throughout the night. Tested by an independent third-party lab, Slip's Pure Silk Pillowcases were shown to absorb significantly less face cream than the average cotton pillowcase, all while creating 43% less friction too. This means less inflammatory stress on your skin, and less stress on your hair – in fact, if you’ve splurged on a fancy blow dry, the Slip silk pillowcase will ensure that it stays intact, saving you from waking up with a bedhead.

Queen Size (51 cm x 71cm)

Maintaining a mantra of ‘beauty, not bedding’, Slip offers pillowcases unlike any other, working to protect your skin and hair while you sleep. Made only from specially-commissioned silk that’s been developed over ten years, Slip silk pillowcases provide astounding
anti-aging, anti-sleep-crease and anti-bed-head properties. And thanks to the low absorbency rate of silk, it keeps your expensive lotions and potions on
your skin and hair, so you reap the full benefits.

Care Instructions: Can be machine washed on a delicate wash at 30°C. Do not tumble dry. Iron or steam on a low heat setting.

100% Mulberry Silk.