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Dyson Airstrait™ Straightener

Dyson Airstrait™ Straightener

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An innovative tool that dries and straightens hair simultaneously. Wet to dry straightening, with air. No hot plates. No extreme heat. Engineered to maintain hair strength and protect shine.

The Airstrait™ Straightener offers a revolutionary wet-to-dry straightening experience without the use of hot plates, ensuring no heat damage to your hair. With powerful directional airflow, this innovative tool effortlessly smooths and aligns your hair, simplifying your routine by allowing straightening directly from wet to dry. Achieve a natural straight finish with ease and confidence, prioritizing the health and vitality of your hair.

Glass bead thermistors, located in the machine arms, regulate airflow temperature up to 30 times per second, to prevent extreme heat damage and protect hair’s natural shine.

Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor— a 13-blade impeller spins up to 106,000rpm, propelling 11.9 liters of air through the machine per second. This generates 3.6kPa of air pressure, powerful enough to straighten hair as it dries.

Style from wet: Three preset temperatures – 175°F, 230°F and 285°F.

Refresh from dry: Style at 250°F, 285°F or use the optional Boost mode for maximum shine.

Intuitive airflow when you need it. Your machine senses when hair is between the arms and automatically drops to low airflow when it’s not – for quieter, more efficient styling.

LCD screen High-definition color display shows airflow and temperature settings, for easy reference when styling.

Lock feature - Slide the button to lock and unlock the arms of your machine. Use with the arms locked to gently pre-dry hair and create volume from the roots.

Auto-pause - After three seconds of inactivity your machine will automatically pause to save energy. Simply move the machine to restart the airflow.

Style from wet: Start with towel dried hair:

Unlock machine arms. Select Wet mode.

Select maximum airflow and a high temperature.

Lock arms and rough dry your roots.

Unlock arms and select desired styling temperature and airflow.

Finish drying and straighten as you style in sections.

Once your hair is dry, select Cool mode and set your style with cool air.

Straightening from dry:

Select dry mode to touch up and refresh your style.

Select desired temperature and airflow.

Optional Boost mode is available if required.

Straighten hair in sections. Select Cool mode to set.