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First Quarter Lash Slices

First Quarter Lash Slices


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Luxurious eyelashes, created by a pro makeup artist — full, spiky and wispy.

From the 'Lunar' collection, the 'First Quarter' lashes come with two different Short/Medium styles and multiple lengths that allow you to create a fully customized (light density) look. Full, spiky and wispy — and easy to apply, these luxurious eyelashes are created by a pro makeup artist and used by celebrities all over the world.

Made of synthetic silk (vegan and cruelty-free). Customizable lashes.
Four different style slices.
Short and long lightweight slices in one package.

Apply directly to lash line or underneath the lash for a more natural effect. Can be mixed with individual lashes of your choice.

Reusable with proper care.

Synthetic silk.