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Lyma Laser

Lyma Laser

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A revolutionary clinical-grade laser for at-home use that transforms your skin by treating all signs of aging, redness, pigmentation, scars, blemishes and more.

Created in partnership with Dr. Paul Clayton, a craniofacial surgeon, this powerful laser is the first laser with clinical-strength to be FDA-cleared for at-home use. While, typically, lasers use controlled thermal damage to stimulate healing and collagen production, the revolutionary and innovative Lyma Laser only triggers a genetic switch inside each cell telling them not to die off, but to recharge, regenerate, and repair. The destruction of healthy skin cells is reversed and skin repairs itself and regenerates. Zero damage. No downtime. Painless.

The only at-home device able to reach the base layer of your skin.

Transformative results in weeks.

Treats all signs of aging, redness, pigmentation, scars, blemishes and more.

Gentle, non-abrasive treatment, with no downtime.

Painless and safe around the eyes. No goggles required.

The only at-home laser suitable for use on all skin tones.

Built to last - two year warranty and ten year lifespan.

Simply hold the laser over the spot you want to treat for three minutes, then move on to the next area. (Alternatively, you can slowly glide the laser across the face or specific body area 5-10x)

When finished, place on the charger.

Do not use if you have a skin infection.