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Smoothing Body Brush

Smoothing Body Brush

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A natural bristle dry brushing tool for softer & smoother skin with a healthy glow.

The age-old process of dry brushing is known for its ability to remove dead skin, encourage cell renewal, reduce ingrown hairs, and help the body detoxify itself naturally by increasing blood circulation and lymph flow. This beautifully crafted dry brush is the ideal tool for easy, visible improvement in skin tone and texture. The wooden handle has a refined shape and offers the perfect grip. Soft natural bristles have been carefully chosen to care for the skin while ensuring the full benefits of dry brushing. The result: a softer and smoother skin with an energized and healthy glow.

Dry brushing of the body has been proven to boost microcirculation, stimulate the lymphatic system, and improve removal of toxins.

Use on dry skin right before a bath or shower. Brush with long sweeping strokes of 3-5 repetitions per area. Start from feet / tips of fingers and always move towards the heart. Massage over stomach clockwise in a circular motion.

Handle: Ash Wood

Bristles: Natural Boar