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Jishaku 14: Perfect Eyeliner Brush

Jishaku 14: Perfect Eyeliner Brush

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An eyeliner brush designed with a micro-fine tip for precise lines, and patented magnetic functionality.

Perfect Eyeliner Brush is a micro-fine eyeliner brush made with silky synthetic bristles, designed for applying very thin and precise eyeliner. Featuring also a patented magnetic brush functionality, the Perfect Eyeliner Brush has a magnetic handle with which it can stand upright on any magnetic surface, including the ‘Rae Frame’ and the ‘Rae Plate’, making for seamless storage, ultimate organization and perfect hygiene. (Plus, you can secure the brush upside down for drying after cleaning.)

Let’s talk about the most luxurious and effective makeup brushes money can buy. Rae Morris takes the finest traditional Japanese brush making techniques and applies them to modern designs to create the ultimate makeup brush range: Jishaku. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each tool is designed for unrivalled efficiency and precision, allowing even a novice to apply makeup like a professional. Rae Morris' Jishaku range also features a patented magnetic brush functionality, enabling each brush to stand upright on any magnetic surface, including the 'Rae Frame' and the 'Rae Plate', so the brushes can be stored in a sanitary manner while keeping the work surface organized.  

- Micro Crystal Fiber technology imitates the cuticle structure of natural hair bristles while remaining 100% animal-free.

- Vegan bristles offer the perfect combination of softness, flexibility, and precision with a uniform shape for superior product pickup and blending.

 - Magnetic handles let you store brushes upright on any magnetic surface, such as The Rae Frame and the The Rae Plate.

Glide gel or liquid eyeliner along the lash line with the tip of the brush. Apply
light pressure for a very thin line and more pressure for a medium line.

Hair Type: PBT (Synthetic).

Handle: Hard Maple/Cherry Wood.